Filmpro is a digital arts agency founded in 2001 by Caglar Kimyoncu, their mission is to extend the ways of making and experiencing film and digital art, while enhancing the diversity of the UK and worldwide arts sector. Filmpro are a non-profitable company that constructs a barrier-free environment for their creative practice: through this they tackle the social construct of ‘disability’ by mentoring and nurturing excluded artists to manage their projects, financially and conceptually. Filmpro’s vision is to encourage the accessibility, diversity and inclusivity within the creative field and to establish an ecosystem of artists that are open-minded to explore art within a new perspective.

Initially we created a brief for the clients needs based on our Skype call. Writing down key focuses. After writing up our initial brief we emailed and organised a meeting with the owner of Filmpro to help us taylor our brief to what he was looking for exactly. Below shows the notes we made over our initial brief.

This what extremely useful as it allowed us to understand what we should be specifically focusing in the scope of the brief.

We created four personas to understand more in-depth, to understand people's values

To ensure that we create adaptive website design, we analysed different websites that the client recommend to look at.

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