Cultureprenership Overview

Working on Colouring In within this module with Izzi has been a great opportunity to expand our enterprise. We've been able to focus on how our business is structured, helping to understand what we need to expand our team.

It's been a great opportunity to expand our skills in areas such as interviewing and filming production. We distributed the work evenly, splitting up the work when necessary; as an example after we planned out our project breakdown document, Izzi worked on putting it together while I edited our video.

We created a project breakdown plan which helped us to distribute the work, and to ensure that we would finish the project in time.

Here are some pictures from our journey:

Next stages....

We are continuing to make masks to send off before Christmas, and over the new year we will be planning and preparing to bring this into our final major project!

As a personal goal, I really would like to learn more about production to ensure in the future when setting up interviews/photoshoots we can grow into a professional level.

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