Create your future: ExCeL,London

Updated: Feb 13, 2019

Create your future, in ExCeL is an immersive experience focused at college students who are at looking at creative courses at both University courses and apprenticeships that cater for their aspiring interests.


The marketing department of Kingston School of Art gave us the task to design and pitch our ideas for what we could do for the design of the two stands to engage with many students who will visit the event.

In my group we decided to specifically focus on the back design panels. Our initial idea was to create a simplistic, bold design that clearly sticks to the branding of KSA. I created this vector image through InDesign, as if we were to scale up the design it would not become pixelated.

Consistency between the leaflets, other marketing goods and the display were our main focus to ensure that the students had that easy visual connection, throughout their journey and exposure to KSA.

We initially based our designs off some of the ideas created within the leaflets. I re-created the pattern below as a possible continual print.

Then through using Cinema 4D, I created a 3D version of our concept to visualise the potential layout, as well as showing the head of marketing our final initial concept.

Through pitching our initial concept on the same day, the head of marketing decided to go forward with my teams idea, with using another teams idea for the floor design.

I then collaborated with the designer of the floor to create a mock-up of the floor plan to fit our given dimensions of 6x3m for the smaller stand and 6x6m for the larger stand.

I then inputted this design onto the original mock-up.

As a requirement, we had to input all of the courses on the back panel. We also had the suggestion that we should add the pattern to make the design more eye-catching.

When deigning the composition and placement of where everything was going to go, we considered what direction the people would walk in to maximise the potential amount of interaction and engagement.

Unfortunately due to some printing issues we were not able to use the floor design for the event.

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